Anglican Funds South Australia (AFSA) is an activity of the Anglican Church of Adelaide. AFSA provide a range of investment products and services to Parishes, Anglican Schools, Anglicare-SA, Anglican Agencies and Individuals who wish to support the work of these organisations.

Investors receive competitive interest rates with funds Capital Guaranteed by the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. All funds are invested according to the ethical investment guidelines of the Anglican Church of Australia.

AFSA differ from other financial institutions in where money goes: Through the support of investors, AFSA is able to support the work of Parishes, Anglican Schools, Anglicare-SA and Anglican Agencies, with profits going directly back to supporting these organisations.

So no matter whether you are an Individual, a business or an Anglican Organisation you will be comforted to know that you are making a valuable contribution to the religious, education and charitable works of the South Australian Anglican Community.