Category 1

  • An undertaking to comply with the Diocesan Code of Conduct - Faithfulness in Service
  • Safer Ministry Screening Questionnaire 
  • National Criminal History Record Check
  • Professional Standards Local Screening
  • Professional Standards National Screening
  • Ensuring Safer Church Communities (ESCC) training
  • Child Safe Environments (CSE) training

Category 2

  • An undertaking to be familiar with and uphold the Diocesan Code of Conduct - Faithfulness in Service
  • National Criminal History Record Check
  • Ensuring Safer Church Communities (ESCC) training

Application for Clearance for Anglican Ministry

Application for Category 1 Clearance

Application for Category 2 Clearance

Criminal History Check

Applications for Clearance for Anglican Ministry - both Categories 1 and 2 - must be accompanied by original or certified copies of:

  • National Criminal History Check report that is dated no older than three months.
  • DCSI Certificate
  • DECD Teachers Registration

Any original documentation you send in will be promptly returned to applicants.

The latest electronic SAPOL application form must be downloaded directly from the SAPOL website; the link below will take you to their website for this purpose. It is important to know that the SAPOL application is a special Adobe PDF file type that requires Adobe's free Acrobat Reader application to be able to be opened, which you can download and install by clicking on this link which will take you to the relevant page on the Adobe website. Depending on the operating system and browser that you are using, the Adobe Acrobat Reader installation may or may not install a helper application in your browser that will open the SAPOL application form directly in your browser when you click on the link on the SAPOL website. If this is not the case, then you will need to right-click on the link to the application form on the SAPOL website and save the PDF file to your device. Once it's downloaded, you will then be able to open it in the Adobe Acrobat Reader application.

  • SAPOL National Police History Application
    Please contact your Minister, Parish Safer Ministry Coordinator, Chairperson, or Supervisor for details regarding the VOAN number, so your SAPOL application is at no cost.