Bishop Nomination Committee

The members of the Bishop Nomination Committee are members of Synod elected at the first meeting of the 42nd Triennial Synod in October 2013, and is established by the Election of a Bishop Ordinance 2002. The members are ordered by the numbers of votes received, and if a member resigns then the reserves are called upon in order. The Committee commenced its work upon the notification by Archbishop Jeffrey of his intent to resign.   

To most effectively facilitate the consultation process, the committee has engaged the professional services of the Rev’d Sandy Jones (Diocese of Melbourne), who was highly commended to us following her assistance with the Bishop election process in the Diocese of Tasmania. 

The Administrator

Bishop Tim Harris (Assistant Bishop)

Ceased to be a member of the Committee on 8 August 2016 with his consent given to be considered for nomination, as per s.3 (8) of the Election of a Bishop Ordinance

Lay Members

Mr Keith Stephens (Secretary of Synod)

Ms Sandy Mitchell (Magill)

Ms Emma Riggs (Glenelg)

Dr Geoff Bloor (Kensington)

Mr Alastair Lea (Burnside)


Mr Christopher Purton (Holy Trinity Adelaide)

Mr David Hamer (Magill)

Clergy Members

Rev’d Peter Sandeman (Anglicare SA)

Rev’d Andrew Mintern (Glenelg)

Rev’d Paul Mitchell (Prospect & Kilburn)

Ven David Bassett (Kensington) Chair

Rev’d Joan Riley (Modbury)


Rev’d Sam Bleby (Kensington)

Rev’d Stephen Clark (St Mary Magdalene's)

Rev’d Paul Hunt (Magill)