Companion Diocese of Bor, South Sudan

Adelaide's links with South Sudan have come through the sad circumstances of history. The protracted war between North and South Sudan produced a multitude of refugees fleeing to places like Ethiopia and Kenya. Australia was among several countries to receive large numbers of Sudanese refugees and today there are over 5000 South Sudanese refugees who have made a new home in Adelaide

The Anglican Church is strong in South Sudan. Over both Sudan and South Sudan there are more than four million Anglicans. The Church is an integral part of society and a major contributor to the rebuilding of civil society.

Many of the South Sudanese in South Australia came from Jonglei State, of which the capital is Bor. Situated on the Nile, Bor is a large town and regional centre. However, this district has been ravaged by recent internal conflict. The Bishop is Ruben Akurdit Ngong, Former Archbishop Jeffrey Driver and his wife Lindy, along with a number of people from the Diocese have visited Bor and there is an ongoing link between the people of the Diocese of Adelaide and that diocese.