Vision 2016Ministry Unit Challenges & Goals

Church in Society Ministry Unit (CiSMU)

Challenges and Goals

To identify strategic issues affecting relationships between the Anglican community and the wider society and engage the Diocese with these issues:

  • To identify areas where Anglican parishes and schools, Anglicare organizations and other agencies and ministries can initiate or enhance their engagement in the wider society by monitoring, facilitating and enhancing community outreach activities and partnerships.
  • To facilitate the voice of the Anglican Church on social justice and advocacy issues in cooperation with Anglicare organizations and other organizations demonstrating leadership in this area:
  • by enhancing and developing advocacy based partnerships with Anglicare organizations
  • by encouraging and facilitating networking between parishes, schools agencies and ministries to support and share resources to enhance community engagement
  • by developing a relationship with CISMU networks which focus on social justice and/or ecumenism such as the Anglican Refugee Network, Anglican Ecumenical Network, Anglican Opportunity Shop Network, Anglican Emergency Assistance in Parish Network and other such networks which may be developed

To oversee the Parish Community Engagement Fund (PCEF): 

  • by developing and implementing policies, guidelines and processes to facilitate the development of parish community engagement and partnerships with Anglicare SA;
  • by enhancing and assisting in project proposals by parishes that will develop new and exciting outreach ministries;
  • by reviewing applications for funding from parishes in accordance with the agreed guidelines and approving appropriate applications for funding 
  • by monitoring and reviewing funding projects during and upon completion of the funding cycle and ensure a continual learning and feedback process occurs;
  • by exploring the potential for parish community engagement projects supported by the fund to develop further into ongoing partnerships with Anglicare SA;
  • Support the Diocese engagement with the Media in cooperation with the Diocesan Media Officer.
  • To develop links with companion dioceses.
  • To make recommendations to inform the diocesan budget development process.
  • To work in conjunction with other Ministry Units in the Diocese of Adelaide on matters of common interest.