Vision 2016Ministry Unit Challenges & Goals

Diocesan Administration and Resources Executive (DARE)

Challenges and Goals

Diocesan administration structures should be seen as a ‘start up enterprise’ not as a ‘ship of state’

Promote and educate compliance requirements through modern communication methodologies

Restructuring the financial frameworks and assets to reduce historic debt levels from the Diocese’s response to critical incidents

Ensure property resources are effectively contributing to the mission and ministry of the Diocese, and where identified, realise assets for other growth activities

  • Realign Diocesan administration to better enable mission and ministry opportunities
  • Ensure that Diocesan and secular compliance requirements and regulations are managed and adhered to as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Maximise Diocesan financial resources to effectively address debt levels for the long term sustainability of the Diocese
  • Undertake an audit of all property resources in the Diocese
  • Improve communication among key stakeholders, the content and format tailored to needs.
    • Create capacity for stakeholders to communicate ideas within the Diocese. Successes and learning opportunities will be showcased, in order to contribute to best practice.

    • Feedback will be gathered as to the effectiveness of the distribution, and ensuring the information is useful.