Diocesan Archives

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Stock image used for illustrative purposes

Why have Archives?

Our Archives collect and preserve the records of our Church, its life, its people, its administration and celebrations. They keep our memory, documents and pictures, of the people, places, decisions and activities. They have religious, legal, cultural, social and personal significance both for our Diocese and also for South Australia. The Archive is a long-term secure place for preservation of records.

What kind of records are there?

They range from Synod papers and Diocesan Council Minutes, Young Anglican Fellowship, missions and theological education records, to photographs, scrapbooks, banners and badges. There are parish histories and church newspapers, sound and video recordings.

Where are our archival records held?

Records of the Diocese of Adelaide are held in the Diocesan Archives Centre, North Adelaide, the Anglican Archives collection at the State Library of South Australia (SRG 94), and in some cases, with parishes and organisations themselves.

The Diocesan Archives Centre is both a repository and a processing centre for diocesan records. A list of archival holdings is being created but is not yet available. Check the SLSA website for the Anglican records there.

Parish records

Parish records, e.g. baptismal registers, are held at the State Library. Because of privacy conditions, it may not be possible to access personal information from parish registers, such as baptism, marriage and funeral registers, because their content falls within the period of closed to public access. A request to Library staff for specific information may be sufficient, but for recent information, permission from the Diocesan Archivist may be necessary. Contact the Diocesan Archivist for more information.

Research enquiries

The Diocesan Archivist, Dr Sarah Black, currently works two days a week, usually on a Wednesday and Thursday. Requests for information can be made by email or telephone. At this stage, personal research can be done by appointment only. Search fees may apply.

Donations are welcome

If you have any records, photos, or other memorabilia, please contact the Archivist. They will be valued for research, displays and exhibitions and their part in our history.

Contact details:

Mail: Diocesan Archivist, 18 King William Road, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006

Phone: (61) 08 8305 9350              

Email: archives@adelaideanglicans.com