Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Does my Clearance for Anglican Ministry expire? How often do I need to refresh it?

A  Your Clearance for Anglican Ministry expires after three years, unless cancelled prior. You must renew your Clearance, and undertake refresher Training every three years.


Q  If I don’t need to renew my Child Safe Environments (CSE) Certificate, do I need to attend a whole Ensuring Safer Church Communities training session?

A  Yes, to be issued with a Certificate for ESCC, the entire session must be attended.


Q  Will a Certificate of completion for Child Safe Enivronments from another organisation be accepted?

A  Yes, a certificate from another organisation or workplace is acceptable. You will simply need to supply a copy of your certificate to the Diocese.


Application for Clearance

Q  Is my current Level 1 or Level 2 Screening still valid?

A  If you have received Level 1 or Level 2 Safer Ministry Clearance in the last three years, it remains valid. When you undertake to apply to Renew your Safer Ministry Clearance, you will use the new process.


Q  I hold a DCSI or DECD Clearance, do I still need to apply for Safer Ministry Clearance?

A  Yes, because we need you to consent to be bound by the Professional Standards system of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. However, do not need to provide a National Police History Check so the process is simpler and removes duplication.


Q  The Application for Category 1 Clearance includes a Screening Questionnaire which is invasive and asks personal questions. Why do you need to know this, and who will see my answers?

A  The Questionnaire is based on a model established by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia. The answers are used by the Professional Standards Director to assess risk, together with information from the National Police History Check and other sources, in determining whether to issue clearance for ministry. Your Application will be viewed by the Professional Standards Director, and the Safer Ministry Officer of the Diocese of Adelaide, and will be stored in a secure location at Diocesan Office. It will not be accessible to general staff.


Q  Why does it have to be in hardcopy? Surely in this day and age we could have an online process!?

A  A very important part of the screening process is a declaration made by the applicant that they will comply with the Professional Standards framework of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. This Declaration takes the form of a Statutory Declaration made under the Oaths Act 1936 (SA). It is a requirement of that Act that a Statutory Declaration is affirmed by the signature of the applicant and of a witness. This step cannot (yet) be completed online.