The following is a statement on the ongoing discussions about development possibilities for the St Peter’s Cathedral precinct to benefit both the Church and the wider community.

St Peter’s Cathedral is one of Adelaide’s most significant and instantly recognised landmarks.

It is the property of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide (the Diocese), as is the land adjacent and opposite the Cathedral on King William Road. Together, this precinct is an iconic gateway to Adelaide and is of national cultural, historical, social and architectural significance.

As the custodians of this precinct, the Diocese continually undertakes strategic assessments, in order to understand how to best utilise the precinct to support the objectives of the Diocese.

Local development advisors, 1835 Capital and Marlborough Capital, have been appointed by the Diocese to assist it in understanding the possibilities for the precinct, having regard to developments in the immediate area such as the new Adelaide Oval and the potential relocation and redevelopment of the adjoining Women’s and Children’s Hospital site.

We are mindful of the obligation to ensure any development is respectful of its heritage, makes the most of this important landmark site and the opportunity to create spaces for the enjoyment of the thousands of people who visit each year in a similar way to that of many Cathedrals across Australia and around the world that have adapted their historic positions at the hearts of their communities.

You can download a PDF of the statement here.