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Elections & Nominations

The Annual Session of Synod in 2019 is the first of the 44th Triennium and is therefore an Election Synod. During the session of Synod, ballots will be held for various boards, panels, committees and Ministry Units.

As with Synod itself, the theological principle is applied that all the people of God, both lay and ordained, provide for the life and growth, as well as the order and good governance of the Church. This is reflected in the number of positions open for election.

Nominations closed on Monday 30 September 2019 and information about the ballots to be held, and results where no ballot was required has been published.

EntityLay PositionsClergy PositionsSource Document
Diocesan Council6 to 83 to 4Constitution Chapter IV
Diocesan Council and Ministry Units Ordinance Section 3
Leadership and Education Ministry Unit21Diocesan Council and Ministry Units Ordinance Section 3
LEMU Terms of Reference
Community Engagement Ministry Unit21Diocesan Council and Ministry Units Ordinance Section 3
CEMU Terms of Reference
Children and Youth Ministry Unit21Diocesan Council and Ministry Units Ordinance Section 3
CYMU Terms of Reference
Panel of Assessors88
Requires 10+ years ordination
Clergy Discipline Ordinance Section 5
Diocesan Nominators22Parochial Administration Ordinance Section 53(4)
Custodians of the Seal3+2+Constitution Chapter VI
Bishop Nomination55Election of Bishop Ordinance Section 3
General Synod Representatives8181Constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia Chapter 4
Elections and Appointments Ordinance Part II
Diocese of The Murray Synod Observer11Number determined by the host Diocese
Diocese of Willochra Observer21Number determined by the host Diocese
Provincial Council44Constitution of the Province of South Australia Sections 6 to 14
Trusts of the See31Trusts of the See Section 6A
St Barnabas College Council3 peopleSt Barnabas's College Ordinance Section 6
1 8 Lay and 8 Clergy positions will be elected, which each comprise 4 Representatives and 4 Reserves

Anglicare SA

As a result of amendments to the Constitution of Anglicare SA (Part 4, Sections 19.1(b) & 21.2) confirmed at the Annual Session of Synod in 2017, the Members of Anglicare SA Ltd nominate and elect members to the Board at the Annual General Meeting of Anglicare SA Ltd. The nomination and election process will be undertaken by Anglicare SA Ltd.

Lay Member Eligibility 

Where positions are open for lay people who are not Members of Synod, they are required to be communicant members of the Anglican Church as defined by the Constitution of the Diocese of Adelaide:

"Member of the Church" means a baptised person who attends the public worship of The Anglican Church of Australia and who declares that he or she is a member of The Anglican Church of Australia and not a member of any other religious denomination;

"Communicant" means a member of the Church who communicates (takes Communion) at least three times in the year of which Easter shall be one;

Eligibility is affirmed by nominees being able and willing to sign this declaration

Please note that many positions will require those elected to undertake Safer Ministry Screening.