The Anglican Church in South Australia has a long tradition of sponsoring quality education for boys and girls in an explicitly Christian environment.

In recent years, with the financial assistance of Commonwealth and State governments, new Anglican Schools have been established making Anglican schooling more widely available.

Over 13,000 students are enrolled in Anglican and Anglican/Ecumenical Schools in South Australia.

Anglican Schools are characterised by their inclusivity, diversity and the achievements of their students.


We provide opportunities for young people to understand the beliefs and liturgy of the Anglican Church of Australia Incorporated. We encourage them to consider a personal response to Christian faith and practice, and to develop an appreciation of other religious faiths and spiritual expressions by:

  • teaching a programme of Religious Education as an integral part of the total curriculum;
  • providing opportunities for young people to develop their spiritual nature including participation in meaningful and relevant Christian worship;
  • promoting within the whole School community ways to express the principles and values of Christianity in the decision making processes, policies and structures of the School;
  • promoting tolerance and understanding of the religious beliefs and practices of others in the international community.

We provide a Christian education characterized by intellectual rigour, openness to ideas and debate, mutual respect, and good citizenship as Australians and members of the international community by:

  • demonstrating a commitment to high academic standards;
  • encouraging an understanding and appreciation of oneself, and the development of personal ethics;
  • providing an understanding of and experiences in vocational opportunites
  • demonstrating a respect for history and tradition as well as a strong commitment to the future; 
  • offering a broad curriculum which values the art and sciences, personal development and health, technology and the environment;
  • modelling the benefits of effective teams and groups in the School community, while affirming the integrity of each individual.

We participate with the Dioceses, Parishes and Church agencies in presenting the mission of the Anglican Church to the South Australian community by:

  • developing a strong commitment to serving others and providing opportunitiees for the school community to engage in Christian ministry and service;
  • affirming the dignity and worth of all people and modelling tolerance and inclusiveness;
  • building collaborative relationships and networks within the School and in the wider anglican community and beyond;
  • encouraging and supporting all staff in our schools to embrace and model Christian values.


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