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Sharing a meal in celebration

The establishment of the Diocesan Synod in South Australia was an extraordinary achievement.

Instrumental to the success of the venture was the tenacity, fine judgment and diplomacy of Bishop Short.

Short found a solution to an intractable problem facing the Church of England not only in South Australia but in many other colonies and countries around the world.

In early 1855, a draft constitution for the proposed Synod went before each of the parish vestries for assent, and on 9 October 1855 the legislating documents were signed at Bishop’s Court by the Bishop, 16 members of the clergy and 22 elected lay representatives in the presence of the Governor.

The following year on 29 April 1856, the first session of the now fully constituted Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide met in the Chapter House, the original wooden parsonage sent in 1837 for the Parish of Holy Trinity by the Society for the Promoting of Christian Knowledge.

On the day the originating documents were signed in 1855, 50 people enjoyed a celebratory lunch at Bishop’s Court.

160 years on more than 200 people gathered in Memorial Hall at St Peter’s College on the eve of the third session of the 42nd Triennial Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide to celebrate the historic 160th anniversary of the Synod in the Anglican World.

Archbishop Jeff rey Driver, Assistant Bishops Tim Harris and Chris McLeod and Bishop David McCall were among the many Adelaide Diocese clergy present to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Anne Hywood addresses the dinner gathering

Fittingly there were also many lay members of Synod, friends and staff – who also chose to celebrate this special event. Ms Anne Hywood, the recently appointed General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Australia, and previously Registrar and Secretary of Synod for the Diocese of Adelaide (2003-2008), delivered an eloquent and insightful refl ection on her many Anglican synods that was enthusiastically embraced by the dinner crowd.

As the images on this page show the Adelaide Diocese community took this opportunity to celebrate the past and look enthusiastically to the future.