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Extraordinary service honoured

The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide is fortunate to have so many committed members who give their time generously and make valued contributions to the Church’s life and mission.

Four of these members, whose contributions have been significant and sustained, were recognised with Extraordinary Service Medals at Synod in October 2015.

The inaugural awards were presented during the opening address by Archbishop Jeffrey Driver, who hopes the practice will become a diocesan tradition.

There are many whose contribution might appropriately be acknowledged by name,” Archbishop Driver told the members of Synod.

“To Mr Allan Perryman, the Hon. David Bleby, Mrs Betty Edwards and Mrs Robin Radford, I this year wish to give a special recognition.

“For them, and for all of you who share the call of Christ's ministry within the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide, I give thanks to the God who constantly takes the five barley loaves and two fish of what we can bring and performs the multiplying miracle of grace.”

Local jeweller Jane Bowden, who owns Zu design in Adelaide Arcade, was engaged to design and make the custom pins presented as medals.

Each is made of sterling silver and laser-engraved with the diocesan crest.

“The pins came out of a conversation we had about wanting to make something that was special and long-lasting,” Jane says.

“My challenge was trying to a get a representation in metal that was in keeping with the original crest.

“There’s always something about hand-finishing and producing a piece for a specific occasion – it’s more meaningful than a mass-produced piece.”

Registrar of the Adelaide Diocese Keith Stephens says they are fitting tokens to honour those who have committed themselves to serving and growing the Church community.

“All too often in our busy parish lives and individual ministries it’s easy to overlook those who’ve been in our midst for so long, giving so much,” Keith says.

“We’re acknowledging their sustained efforts and energy in their particular fields and all that they have given – often just because they love doing it.”