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Old School Gets New Look

One hundred and thirty-six years after it was founded by Bishop Augustus Short in 1880, St Barnabas College has reshaped its mission to be: Encouraging people to know and love God through learning in community. This new narrative was successfully launched on Monday 19 September 2016, along with the new logo and new website ( 

The new modern logo was designed by Edi Leane ( to reflect the centrality of Christ to the life of the College and to the study of Theology and Scripture. The cross is “open” and conveys the commitment to make St Barnabas College a welcoming community, where any question can be asked, and for many it also symbolises a crossroads, where lives are changed and beliefs are examined. 

The Principal of St Barnabas College, The Reverend Canon Dr Matthew Anstey, explains: “We also changed our name back to the historic name, St Barnabas College, which symbolises both drawing from the past and looking to the future.”

“The rebranding process took its time to ensure we listened carefully to views from across the Province of South Australia. We had been wanting to undertake this review for a long while and it came to fruition when Michael Neale (St Peter’s Cathedral) from marketing agency, Literally Brilliant, approached us in the middle of 2015, saying he’d love to help us reimagine St Barnabas College for the twenty-first century.”

The result of fifteen months' hard work was the new narrative about the College: “We wanted to tie in with St Barnabas the encourager, we wanted to emphasise learning and loving, the mind and the heart, and we wanted to say that all we do takes place in community.” 

Aside from the new logo and change of name, there are other important changes at the College. Visitors to the website will see a link in Mandarin. “There are over 50,000 Chinese in Adelaide and a very large number of them are Christians, so this year we asked Dr Joseph Chung to run courses in Mandarin. Many of the Chinese students we have are recent arrivals to Australia, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to learn more about the Christian faith.” 

Enrolments are also at a historic high, with many new students commencing in 2017. St Barnabas College is delighted at the number of students continuing also to honours and doctoral studies, and the new enrolments in the Graduate Certificate in Ageing and Pastoral Studies and the new Master of Ministry.

Dr Anstey is confident life at the College will continue to thrive, “Anyone who has been watching the College for the past five or six years will know we’ve consistently started new initiatives, … we definitely want to grow the College a lot more, build a really strong and highly skilled team, … and we’re also keen to find new ways to deliver education online and in remote areas. We are also investing a lot more in research and publications in the years ahead.”

Now is an ideal time to visit the College and speak with Dr Anstey about how you might like to commence learning more about the Christian faith and Scriptures in 2017. He can be contacted at (8305 9380).