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Message from Archbishop Elect Bishop Geoff Smith

Bishop Geoff Smith

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The days since I was elected to be the next Archbishop of Adelaide have been something of a blur as Lynn and I have begun to come to terms with the news and the impact this has for our lives. We have received many wonderful messages of welcome and support from people in Adelaide and are greatly encouraged both by that support and the reports we have of the really generous and gracious spirit of the election synod last weekend. For Lynn and I, the election was a clear calling of God to Adelaide and so we will come full of expectation of what the Lord has in store.

A further encouragement has been that Lynn’s employer has agreed that she can work remotely, continuing as chief financial officer of the firm with a view towards establishing a presence in Adelaide.

I am grateful to the Archbishop’s election committee for their care of myself in the process, and also am grateful to both Bishop Tim and Keith Stephens who are already helping us make the transition. I have received the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer and so join you daily in prayer for the work and ministry of the Diocese.

A number of factors (including the timing of Easter) next year mean we will move to Adelaide in Easter week and I will be installed at 7pm on April 28
th in St Peter's Cathedral.

Many people have told Lynn and I that they are praying for us now and in the months to come. We are very thankful for this ministry and certainly ask that it continue-we will need all the prayers we can get!

We wish you a reflective Advent and a joyous Christmas as we celebrate God’s great ‘yes’ to the world in Jesus. We look forward to arriving in April and getting to know the people of the Diocese. We are grateful to God for this incredible opportunity to serve. The God who calls is faithful and we seek to trust him as he works out his missional purpose through all of us in the Diocese of Adelaide in the years ahead.

With grace and peace