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The Roasting Reverend

by Peter March

Soul City Roasters (SCR) is a specialty coffee roaster based in Adelaide, South Australia that was started by the Rev’d Ben Cosford back in 2009.

The venture originated with Ben roasting ethically sourced coffee beans in his garage, “I began with a popcorn popper, which I learnt to roast on from my Father in Law, then I invested in a couple of bigger machines until this year I got ‘Arty’ (short for Arthur, Ben’s Father in Law’s middle name).”

“I’d been roasting for myself for a number of years and enjoyed coffee roasting and so thought, ‘this is a skill that I have and enjoy,’ it’d be great to make a business of it.”   

Ben, who is also the Chaplain at St Andrew’s School and is a Minister at St John's Anglican Church Salisbury, describes SCR as a small business with a big dream, “Our vision is to eventually give new arrivals to

Australia work experience, and employment as we grow. We’ve already been working in our local community to make recently settled Australians feel welcome and included by sharing meals and holding events so that we can all get to know each other.”

Having gained the support of AnglicareSA and Welcome to Australia, Ben recently launched the ‘Soul City Roasters Refugee Employment Commitment’, “We’ve been working to set up the infrastructure so that eventually we can provide paidemployment opportunities in the coffee roasting and making business and hopefully set a path for a career in hospitality in a welcoming community.”

“I don’t ever want to be running the business full time myself, I want to have refugees raised up to run the business, and have it be a really helpful thing for others.”

Ben is buoyed by the response of the public so far, “People love the coffee, but more so, people love what I’m trying to achieve through the goals of the business, in employing refugees, so people are loyal to the brand in knowing what it stands for.”

“Ultimately I want people from other countries to come to know Jesus. In Salisbury the nations have come to us, from places where it’s very difficult to hear the Gospel message, but they’ve come here now and we’re in an environment where we can share Jesus with people in a place that’s much safer and the opportunities are abounding.”