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Why Bor

Archbishop Jeffrey Driver and Deputy Registrar, Daniel Harris meet with Archbishop Daniel Deng of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan

Why I'm Going to Bor, South Sudan

Tomorrow evening I start the three day journey to the town of Bor in South Sudan.

In our church family in Adelaide, there are hundreds of our brothers and sisters who have journeyed from South Sudan, often through peril and trauma, to seek safe refuge in Australia. Through this large cohort of our church, there is a living and ongoing thread connecting us and our community of Adelaide Anglicans to the community of believers in Bor. 

Our relationship with South Sudan was also founded on Archbishop Jeffrey's extensive knowledge and friendships, a network he has invited many others in Adelaide to share. As he retires, the relationship between the Diocese of Adelaide and our Companion Diocese of Bor will mature into something different, which will need to be maintained with a rhythm established by different structures, relationships, and agreements.

As the Parish Support Manager in Diocesan Office, I am aware that we have some distance to go in fully providing the support for mission and ministry our Sudanese congregations require. I hope through this trip to learn something of how church in South Sudan is run, and how this might influence the support we provide.

Daniel Harris
Deputy Registrar