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Bowling Them Over

By Peter March

Paul Cormack, a qualified accountant who volunteers one day a week at Diocesan Office as part of the finance team, was part of the squad sent to represent South Australia in Ten Pin Bowling at the recent Pan Pacific Masters Games (over 35’s) held on the Gold Coast.

The team comprising of Desmond Warner, Marie Ryan, John Beacham and Paul, scooped the pool, taking home an impressive eight medals as Paul explains, “As a team we came away with 4 x gold and 4 x bronze. I won gold in the all abilities category and 1 bronze in the men’s triples event.”

Paul only started bowling competitively a couple of years ago after an outing with family, “We went bowling as a family group and one of us spotted a flyer on the wall for ‘vision impaired bowling’. I took the number down, called it, and was invited down to Marion Bowl Land to meet the other bowlers and check it out.”

Paul has a rare vision impairment that causes colour blindness and hypersensitivity to light, “Any (sports) out in the sunlight are very challenging, so ten pin bowling being indoors is a lot better, though I do have to use some aids as well as the help of spotters.”

To have tasted success so early in his bowling career is a wonderful achievement, though Paul insists it’s the social aspect of his involvement that’s more rewarding, “To win, I’m Ecstatic, it’s a great feeling but the better feeling is being involved and meeting the people in the bowling community. That’s the real thrill for me. But coming home with success, that’s what we go for.”

Another aspect of Paul’s sporting life is his faith. His bowling bag sports a pair of Ichthys (the Christian ‘fish’ symbol), and he uses opportunities, as they present themselves, to speak about his beliefs, “In day to day conversation I slip things in. I’m not someone that really goes out and thumps the bible, but people that know me, know that I’m a Christian. I have lots of non- Christian friends, and wherever I can I try to represent.”

Paul and the team will look to replicate their success when the next Pan Pacific Masters Games take place again in 2018. If you would like to support the team or to simply find out more about the association visit their facebook page: Blind and Vision Impaired Ten Pin Bowling South Australia