Helping to change young people’s lives

Supporting young people to be the best they can be through strong relationships, a love of learning, finding the right career and being connected with their community is a key driver for many of AnglicareSA’s programs.

Sadly many young people lack stability in their lives, affecting their education, social and future career prospects.

Two programs by AnglicareSA are having a major impact on the lives of the most vulnerable in our community – Power Generation and Turning Point.

Nineteen year old D’Allen Worden credits the Power Generation program for his success in securing a full-time traineeship with the State Government.

A partnership between AnglicareSA and the Port Adelaide Football Cub’s Power Community Ltd, the Power Generation program supports young Aboriginal students to continue their education and transition into vocational training and employment. Practical and relevant assistance is given including mentorship, job readiness, emotional well-being, driving lessons and access to training.

D’Allen said he was introduced to the program when he attended a Powerful Futures Expo hosted by the Port Adelaide Football Club.

“I spoke with the Power Generation Coordinator and a week later she rang me and helped me explore some employment opportunities,” he said.

“She helped me source appropriate work clothes for job interviews and write cover letters and resumés for every job I applied for.  She gave me interview tips and put me in touch with recruiters for the Government’s Jobs4Youth program.”

“As a result, I am now working in a full-time administration traineeship position with the Department of Premier and Cabinet.”

“The Power Generation staff go above and beyond to support young Aboriginal school-leavers like me to achieve their dreams.”

Another much-needed and successful program from AnglicareSA is Turning Point. This program provides safety, dignity and stability for single-parent families fleeing domestic and family violence. AnglicareSA provides them with short-term housing and social support, helping the children address trauma and stay engaged in school, whilst transitioning the families into stable, long-term housing.

Since 2016, the program has assisted 20 families to transition through this program and 85% percent of participants have gone on to secure stable housing. 

Turning Point program recipients arrive at the service often at the lowest point in their lives.  As one Turning Point recipient said, “If it wasn’t for AnglicareSA and the Turning Point staff my kids and I would have nothing right now.  They gave me hope and made me come alive again.”

These life-changing programs need your support. 

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