Helping fight poverty with the gift of words

Noteworthy Cards is an Australian social enterprise selling greeting and encouragement cards while donating 100% of profits to fund life-changing gifts for people suffering in poverty.

Noteworthy Cards founder James Agnew, a member of Trinity Church Aldgate, and a skilled graphic designer, who took inspiration from other Australian social enterprises, Thankyou and Who Gives a Crap? explains how Noteworthy Cards came to be, “There were multiple reasons why I started Noteworthy Cards, but ultimately it was because of my faith in Jesus. During his time on earth, he healed the sick, fed the hungry, restored sight to the blind and cared for many people in need. He then gave his life so that all people could be forgiven and set free from sin.

“Being deeply thankful for all that Jesus has done for me, I want to use my life to help others know his love, and I want to care for people in need. I was challenged to think about how I could use my God-given gifts to bless others, and I realised that my graphic design and marketing skills could be used to create and sell greeting cards that would raise funds to make a difference for people suffering in poverty.

“Additionally, the Bible talks about the great value of encouraging and building others up, so one of the objectives of Noteworthy Cards is to inspire people to love generously through words of encouragement. I’ve designed a variety of encouragement cards that can be used for this purpose.”

Taking consistent encouragement from his wife, James took the plunge in June 2017 to go about committing himself to the project (in his spare time!). Some 300 days later the initiative was ready to launch, and in April this year Noteworthy Cards was born, and James is more inspired than ever to make a success of it, “The motivation that led me to launch Noteworthy Cards is the same motivation that keeps me working hard to grow the social enterprise: I want to follow Jesus’ example and make a difference for people in need because I’m so thankful for His generosity to me. 

“Having witnessed poverty first-hand when I visited slums in the Philippines ten years ago, I know that my life is luxurious by comparison, and I don’t want to forget about those who are living in extremely difficult circumstances. The fact that 100% of profits are donated to fund life-changing gifts for people suffering in poverty motivates me to continue running and developing Noteworthy Cards. I’m eager for more people to hear about this social enterprise and purchase cards, because together we can change lives for the better.”

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