Our Time In Bor


What was achieved by builders Jason Brook and Andrew Marshall with their team of local workers 

This is my first time visiting Bor, though I have had many people tell me of their experiences. However all the prior experiences I have heard of were before the civil war which started in 2013, and is not yet fully resolved.

Yet against this backdrop of pain, the welcome extended to us by the people of the church was especially generous and warm. They do not ask for help, but simply extend to us the love of Christ with all they have. 

As a team, our time in Bor was no less difficult than the journey to get there. Having reached a critical stage of construction for one of the clinic buildings, a short freak storm tore off the roof. Some of us had to push through illness, and the weather was hot and humid.

Yet a critical turning point was reached when we returned to basics - reading the Bible together and praying. Remembering that we as a team are here to serve not in our strength, but in God's. The recurring theme of love through the readings from John's Gospel reminded us to love one another, love the people we are here to serve, and to love God in all our plans and schemes.

Our motley crew of new arrivals joined the builder, and over two days repaired the roof and completed one building. Having spent so long in Juba in meetings and fretting about how to get to Bor, I was more than pleased to be able to jump on the roof and help solve a problem.

On our final day, we joined an exhausted Bishop Ruben, Dean Thomas, and the Diocesan Secretary Rev John, to finalise the governance framework for the clinic. With the framework agreed, we were able to gift the funds we had brought such a long distance to get the project underway. Whilst there is still much to do, the burden of this trip felt lifted at that moment.

Daniel Harris

Bishop Ruben and his wife Priscilla welcome Abp Jeffrey and Lindy at Bor Airport

Abp Jeffrey and Bishop Ruben gave media interviews after the Sunday service