Brenton Ragless named as new Schools Ministry Group ambassador


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Media Release

Angela Jolly, SMG Executive Director and Brenton Ragless, Channel 9 Presenter.

Angela Jolly, SMG Executive Director and Brenton Ragless, Channel 9 Presenter.

Brenton Ragless, Channel 9 Presenter, was announced as the new SMG Ambassador in front of 500 guests at a special SMG 25 Year Reunion event held at Unley High School.

Brenton shared that he had been positively impacted by chaplaincy while growing up.
“I was clueless in school – no clear path in mind and here I am 22 years later, still no idea on what I’ll be doing next! But I credit my School Chaplain when I was attending Blackwood High School for instilling in me the confidence to embrace life and all its challenges. The Chaplain was - and still is - a pillar for me: a listening ear, a wise voice and a life teacher, leading me through those fundamental teenage years of personal faith and career development. I am who I am today thanks to that Chaplain’s influence on my life, which is why I am an Ambassador for SMG.”

SMG is South Australia’s leading school chaplaincy service provider, and offers ongoing pastoral and practical support through chaplaincy services to help young people and school communities discover purpose, value and hope.

Angela Jolly, Executive Director of Schools Ministry Group said “Today SMG provides over 330 schools across South Australia with a Chaplaincy Service, it continues to offer seminars and interactive workshops for primary and high school students, and contributes to the positive wellbeing of children with its Community Services. In addition over 1000 volunteers support the Chaplaincy Service by helping in their local schools with breakfast clubs, lunchtime activities, mentoring and many other programs.”