With the Archbishop, encourage and facilitate the care by the clergy of each other and for the clergy families in the Deanery.

Report to and attend Area Deans meetings when called by the Archbishop.

Deanery meetings

Call regular (not less than six times per year) Area Deanery meetings. These meetings should provide for:

Prayer and worship, fellowship, support, social interaction, topics of discussion applicable to the local deanery area, issues of a regional and diocesan nature, and study.

Pastoral Care

Provide telephone or face to face support when clergy are struggling.

Ensure the Archbishop is informed about needs or problems concerning the deanery clergy, their families or parishes, particularly those that may require the pastoral attention of the Archbishop.

Encourage members of the deanery to support and care for one another, and to develop a strategy by which this responsibility may be shared.

Clergy Commissioning

When a new parish clergy appointment is announced contact the appointee, welcoming them to the deanery and ensuring they have your contact details. The Bishop’s Office can provide the incoming incumbents contact details.

As soon as a commissioning date has been confirmed, work with the Archbishop’s Executive Chaplain, the appointee and the Parish Warden’s to prepare the Service of Commissioning. 

Arrange for a rehearsal at a time suitable for the parish, and ensure all participants are adequately briefed.
Note: if the rehearsal is held prior to the service, allow at least one hours break between the rehearsal and the service commencing. If participants have travelled some distance, and if practicable, the parish may be invited to provide light refreshments during this time.

Follow up with a pastoral phone call after the incumbents first Sunday services.Ensure the new incumbent has the dates and locations of deanery meetings and Diocesan events etc, and contact details of other members of the deanery.

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