The Synod provides a Car Leasing Scheme for clergy and lay church employees‡. It is a lease-to-buy scheme with fixed monthly payments for three years and an obligation to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term at a pre-agreed value. The lease may be extended by by negotiation.

‡ Please note that there are Fringe Benefits Tax implications for church employees entering the Car Lease Scheme.

Key Features

Each lease scheme is calculated individually, based on the vehicle selection.

Example Costs

Vehicle ‘drive away’ costMonthly PaymentsPayout value at three years

† Including stamp duty, first year registration, and delivery charges

You may also choose to make either additional monthly payments above the minimum or an upfront lump sum, in order to reduce the payout value.

How to apply

To apply for the Car Leasing Scheme, or if you have further questions, please contact Ministry Support.

The application process for the Car Leasing Scheme is as follows:

1.Select vehicles, and provide up to three purchase quotes
Calculate lease costs, provide lease quotes
3.Accept a lease quote, sign the Car Lease Agreement
Purchase the vehicle
5.Vehicle is delivered, and lease payments commence

Summary of Standard Terms

The Car Lease Scheme uses a Lease Agreement as the contract between you and the Diocese. The terms are standard for all leases, as described below.

Monthly lease cost:

You agree to pay:

You agree to:

The Diocese agrees to pay:

The Synod agrees to:

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