The fundamental unit of the Anglican Church is a Diocese. All the Anglican Dioceses in Australia are also members of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia. The Constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia establishes the General Synod, and sets out the underlying principles for how the Anglican Church in Australia is to be governed. In South Australia, the Constitution is enacted as an Act of State Parliament.

The current Constitution of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide came into effect in 1980. The Constitution is the governing document for the Diocese, and contains chapters that establish the role and powers of the Synod and Diocesan Council.  It explains how ‘the authority and power to provide for the life and growth, the order and good government and the management of the affairs of the Diocese’ is vested in the Bishop and the Synod. For instance, it describes how Synod representatives are elected and appointed and how Synod business is to be conducted.

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