As required under Section 3(1) of the Assessment Ordinance, every parish must provide to the Secretary of Synod (via Diocesan Office) a financial declaration so as to determine the assessment payable. This document, together with the financial statements for the parish for the previous year, comprise the Parish Annual Assessment Return. As per the ordinance, this information must be provided to Diocesan Office no later than 1 April each year, however, if there is a delay in completion or you require assistance in completing the form please contact Ministry & Parish Support.

The current Parish Annual Assessment Return may be downloaded below, and either completed electronically and submitted by email or in hardcopy and returned to the Diocesan Office. The Assessment Return is usually completed by the Treasurer using information from the financial reports.

When completing the spreadsheet document, certain expenses may be entered as deductions. The use of deductions reduces the assessable income of a parish, by undertaking certain activities determined by Diocesan Council. Also attached is the most recent applicable Deductions Policy.

If you require support in completing the form, please contact Ministry & Parish Support.

Upcoming Review of Deductions Policy

The following motion was carried at the 2018 Annual Session of Synod regarding the Deductions Policy:

Motion 17.

That this Synod requests that Diocesan Council review the Diocesan Assessment Deduction Policy and in particular with a view to increasing the “Maintenance of Property” deductibility (section 3 dot point 1) from its current amount of $15,000 to $30,000. CARRIED

At its meeting on 14 August 2019, Diocesan Council reviewed the Assessment Deduction Policy section 3.1 “Maintenance of Property” and subsequently carried the following motion:

That Diocesan Council determines to retain section 3(a) of the Deductions Policy, permitting a Maintenance of Property annual deduction of $15,000.

Diocesan Council also requested the Property Finance & Resource Committee to undertake a review of the Deductions Policy prior to the 2020 Annual Session of Synod.

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