Most parishes in the Diocese of Adelaide operate under a model of governance which is informed by the Anglican belief that God works through all the people of the church, and therefore requires both lay (non-ordained) people and clergy to work closely in mission and ministry. Most churches operate under the Model Trust Ordinance (the basis on which their property is held in Trust by the Synod) which requires that Parishes operate under the rules of the Parochial (Parish) Administration Ordinance (PAO). 

The key elements in a Parish are:

Many aspects of the governance model relate the management of property (both land and buildings, and money) and specifically the control of it by the Trustee (the Synod) and the Beneficiary (the Parish). This relationship, together with the responsibilities of each entity are described and illustrated in this document: Parish Trust Property

Parishes may have different configurations of one or more Vestries, Officers, etc depending on how many congregations or churches comprise a Parish. The different models are described and illustrated in this document: Parish Primer

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