Welcome to Synod Information Videos

As each Triennium draws to a close and new members consider participating in Synod as a representative of their parish, it’s important to understand what Synod is and how it functions. We have created some short information videos to help explain a little about Synod and how to use the processes found in the Standing Orders Ordinance to help you engage fully in the discussions and debates that support the good governance of our diocese.

Have you ever found yourself in church wondering what on Earth people are talking about when they start to discuss Synod?! This short video helps explain the important role Synod plays in the good governance of our diocese.

Ordinance is a word you're likely to hear spoken a lot as a member of the Synod. Here we explain what an 'Ordinance' actually is.

As a member of the Synod you have the privilege of being a voice for your Parish, to speak into, on behalf of your community, the life of the Anglican Church - which brings us to the topic of "Debate".