Our Vision

Adelaide Anglicans Flourishing & United in God’s Love

Growing in discipleship & sharing the good news of Jesus Christ

Adelaide Anglicans are committed to spiritual growth, deeper knowledge of the Christian faith and sharing the gospel.

We will live out our faith every day, and we will reach out to new Christians by encouraging a culture of innovation and support for new ideas and not be constrained in finding new ways to gather and connect.

Focussing on discipleship and sharing the gospel means we need to equip leaders to teach and to lead and manage diverse teams.

An increase in the equipping and training of lay people, and better utilisation of gifts and skill, will reduce dependence on clergy.

Connecting in and with communities

It is God who does the uniting – one spirit, one baptism, one Lord, one faith.

We will lovingly and respectfully hear each other, be free to do things differently, be united, but not uniform.

We will facilitate networks across parishes, schools, chaplains, Anglicare and improve and encourage communication, networking, consultation, collaboration, combined celebrations, gatherings and encouragement of one another.

We will be welcoming, accessible, listening, sharing, nurturing and caring, hopeful and joyous, positive, serving, and generous inclusive communities of spirituality, social connection and love.

Facilities will reflect community needs and expectations, with visible signs of life, good signage and open doors.

We will connect with the community intentionally through advocacy and service.

Advocating and working together for social justice

Adelaide Anglicans will advocate to defend and promote Christianity, and the qualities of Anglicanism.

We will be a strong voice for social justice and will speak confidently into public debates on relevant issues (for example climate change, women’s and children’s rights, status and safety, integrity and transparency, multiculturalism, indigenous affairs, and reconciliation).

We will also work for social justice, advocacy is one thing, doing work on the ground to help the disadvantaged and the marginalised is a core mission of the Church.

We will proactively work to eliminate domestic & family violence in Anglican communities.

We will continue to support survivors of abuse and work toward reconciliation between them, the church and their families.

Caring for creation & each other

Adelaide Anglicans care deeply for creation and responding to climate change we will reduce our carbon footprint and water use and encourage others in the community too.

To facilitate the focus on discipleship and to care for our community we will find better and more strategic use of our resources, identify key missional goals, and where common affinities exist, co-ordinate the infrastructure, ministries and resources required.

We will review governance structures, hierarchy models, legislation, administration and compliance so it is lighter and simpler enabling more enthusiasm and flexibility.