The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide regards open communication and feedback as essential elements of satisfying and productive work and faith communities.  The Diocese already has a comprehensive Professional Standards regime in place to deal with complaints where the complaint concerns behaviour by Church Workers that calls into question their fitness to hold a position in the Church.  

However, the Professional Standards regime does not cover all complaints nor all members and employees of the Church.   Grievance issues can be terribly damaging to communities.  Interpersonal disputes and conflict between members of a parish and between employees in a workplace can fracture relationships and damage not just individuals but whole communities.  

Diocesan Council has adopted an overarching Grievance Policy which implements the principles enunciated  by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia in Being Together: Expectations of behaviour in our church community.   The purpose of this Policy is to provide an avenue through which  members and employees of the Anglican Church in the Diocese can resolve complaints as they arise, without fear of unfair treatment or victimisation and in the knowledge that their privacy will be protected.

You can download our Grievances Policy here.