The Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide is legally structured as an incorporated association, with approximately 230 members, being around 120 lay people elected by local churches and 110 licensed clergy.

The major governance body within each Diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia is called the Synod, a word meaning ‘a council of the church meeting to decide doctrine and administration’. The modern Synod is a theologically informed governance structure that allows all the people of God, both lay and ordained, to provide for the life and growth as well as the order and good governance of the Church.

What is Synod?

Synod also refers to the annual gathering of representatives of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide, including both clergy and laity, to discuss matters of importance and participate in the good governance of our Church. You can think of Synod like an Annual General Meeting for a large organisation, however it is far more than the receiving of reports and approving policy – it is an opportunity for the church to share its stories of faith, and collectively discern our part in God’s mission in Adelaide.

 How does Synod work?

The Standing Orders Ordinance is a useful document for understanding how the Synod process works, including how to submit motions, questions, and petitions. The Secretary of Synod, Mr Joe Thorp, is responsible for the preparation in the lead up to Synod and can be contacted via Diocesan Office.

Other Ordinances directly relevant to the conduct and composition of Synod include: