The Diocesan Council is a council of advice to the Archbishop and the executive committee of the Synod, and is subject to the provisions of the ordinances and direction of the Synod.

The Diocesan Council may exercise or perform all or any of the rights authorities and powers of the Synod with the exception of making or repealing the constitution or any ordinances. It meets six times a year and provides to the Synod an annual report of decisions.

Conduct of the Diocesan Council is governed by the Constitution and the Diocesan Council and Ministry Units Ordinance.

Members of Diocesan Council

Ex Officio Members

  • The Most Reverend Geoffrey Smith, Archbishop of Adelaide
  • The Right Reverend Dr Tim Harris, Assistant Bishop
  • The Right Reverend Chris McLeod, Assistant Bishop
  • The Right Reverend Denise Ferguson, Assistant Bishop
  • Mr Joe Thorp, Registrar and Secretary of Synod
  • Mr Philip Adams, Chancellor

Archbishop Appointed Archdeacons

  • The Venerable David Bassett, City of Adelaide and The Port
  • The Venerable Andrew Mintern, Torrens

Elected Members

  • Rev’d Canon Jenny Wilson
  • Rev’d Canon Stephen Daughtry
  • Rev’d Michael Lane
  • Rev’d Julia Denny-Dimitriou
  • Dr Sarah Black
  • Ms Ann Nadge
  • Mr Kevin Stracey
  • Ms Katherine Delitt
  • Ms Kathryn Pugh
  • Dr Linda Dillon
  • Mr Lachlan Graham

Appointed Members (Diocesan Council)

  • Rev’d Canon William Deng
  • Rev’d David Brown