Reporting the Abuse of Children and Young People and Responding to Adult Sexual Assault

A study into the attitudes and behaviours of clergy and church-workers in the Anglican Diocese of  Adelaide when dealing with the abuse of children and sexual assault of adults. Dr Morrison February 2005

A research report commissioned by the Adelaide Diocese's Ministry Development Council into the way clergy and  church workers report abuse to civil authorities. Authored by Dr Morrison, a South Australian Rhodes Scholar and former Oxford University Lecturer. This report is part of the commitment to learn more about what we are doing well and what we need to change. As part of the diocese commitment to the people of the church and the community we have released the full report. There are many others who will benefit from the information it contains.

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Anglican Diocese of Adelaide Apology to Survivors of Abuse

The following resolution was unanimously carried by the Synod meeting in June 2004

"That this Synod and we as members of it acknowledge with deep regret and repentance the past failings of the Church and its members. On behalf of the whole Church in this diocese we apologise unreservedly to those who have been harmed by sexual abuse perpetrated by people holding positions of power and trust in the Church. We apologise for the shameful way we actively worked against and discouraged those who came to us and reported abuse. We are ashamed to have acknowledged that we only took notice when the survivors of abuse became a threat to us.  We apologise and ask forgiveness for the Church’s failure at many levels to listen to and acknowledge the plight of those who have been abused, to take adequate steps to assist them, and to prevent abuse from happening or recurring.  We commit the Church in this diocese to listen to survivors of abuse, to respond with compassion to all those who have been harmed, both to those who have come forward and to those who may choose to do so in the future, and to deal appropriately, transparently and fairly with those accused of abuse and negligence."

Board of Inquiry

Report of the Board of Inquiry into the handling of claims of sexual abuse and misconduct within the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. The Honourable Trevor Olsson and Dr Donna Chung May 2004

A report by The Board of Inquiry established by the Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide in May 2003. The findings of the Board and recommendations are set out in the body of this report.

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Further statements issued by the members of the Board of Inquiry in relation to the report:
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Related statements issued by the Diocesan Council:

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