Safe Ministry

The Safe Ministry program of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide aims to prevent abuse, and to respond effectively if it occurs.

There are a number of components to the program - some very visible like screening and training, and some not so visible, such as caring for those who have been abused.

If you are a paid church worker or a volunteer serving in any capacity within a church or related entity you must be screened.

Together, all these components ensure our Church is safer for everyone. 

Safe Ministry Team on 8305 9301 or email

IMPORTANT: We have made some changes to our Safe Ministry system to make it better. These changes include new posters, a simplified screening process and the refinement of the old Level 1 & 2 Screening, which has been replaced by Category 1 and Category 2 Clearance for Ministry. The Safe Ministry Screening Process has also been separated from the licensing process. To see which category you fall under and to find out about all other changes go to: UPDATES TO SAFE MINISTRY (2018)


Caring for those who have been abused
Healing Steps

Handling complaints
Report Abuse

Responding to persons of concern
Professional Standards


 Safer Ministry involves  Preventing  and  Responding

Safer Ministry involves Preventing and Responding