A better Safe Ministry application process!

From 15 July 2019 the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide is implementing a raft of updates to the Safe Ministry application process.

These changes should lead to fewer delays and less chance for error in the application process, creating faster turnaround times, meaning you have more time to spend carrying out your important ministry roles.

As a Diocese we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our churches are safe places for everyone who participates in church activities — including our visitors and volunteers.

This means that, in adherence to state legislative and General Synod requirements, all ordained persons, and church workers must apply for clearance to function within their area of ministry.

However, we understand that for many, the Safe Ministry screening process seems complicated and perhaps somewhat burdensome…

So what’s changed?


Updated Safe Ministry application process

Along with new State Government requirements, we’ve updated our own systems to create a simplified, “4 step” Safe Ministry application process.

In order to meet legal and General Synod requirements, all church workers and volunteers will be instructed to fill out a single online Diocesan Safe Ministry application form, and will be prompted to fill out any additional forms necessary to meet State Government legislative requirements.

Clergy, anyone licenced or authorised by the bishop, and paid ministry workers will need to complete the BLUE form along with a Working with Children Check.

Adult volunteers in leadership roles (this includes wardens, parish councillors (or equivalent) and treasurers) and anyone else who has non-incidental contact with children (eg. youth group, Sunday school, playgroup and music group leaders, creche workers and child minders) will need to complete the ORANGE form along with a Working with Children Check.

All other adult volunteers with no or only incidental contact with children, will need to complete the ORANGE form along with a South Australian Police Check.

Any volunteers from ages 14 to 17 who have non-incidental contact with children (eg. youth, Sunday school, playgroup and music group leaders, creche workers and child minders) will need to complete the GREEN form and a Working with Children Check.

Following successful screening, all applicants will be given information about how to undertake the relevant training.

Once training has been completed, applicants will receive their letter of compliance to the Safe Ministry program and they will be cleared to commence their role.


Making the move online*

While it can feel like a big step, moving online means an ultimately less complicated clearance process.

Besides the convenience of being able to complete your Safe Ministry clearance applications across a range of digital devices (laptop, smart phone, tablet), applying online is better for the environment and leads to a reduction in print and post costs at both ends of the process.

Applying online also allows for easier and more efficient handling of data, which should lead to faster turnaround times and fewer delays, meaning you can be cleared for ministry much sooner than experienced using the old processes.

Finally, lodging your application online means that you will receive confirmation that your application has been lodged. You will also receive email updates to help you track your application’s progress, and reminders for when your current Safe Ministry clearance is due for renewal.


*NEW* Working with Children Check

Stronger, more effective and transparent screening laws for people working or volunteering with children have been introduced in South Australia.

These changes to the screening laws were recommended as part of South Australian & Federal Royal Commissions, to help keep children safe in our communities. 

The new laws mean that everyone working or volunteering with children must have a valid child-related screening. From 1 July 2019, the State’s current system for child-related employment screening will be replaced with a Working with Children Check (WWCC).

If you have a current, valid DHS/DCSI child-related employment screening this will be recognised as a WWCC until it expires (normally three years from the date of issue). 

For people who have a National Police Certificate assessed by their organisation and use it to volunteer with children, they will have until 1st July 2020 to get a WWCC unless its expiry is prior to this date.

Furthermore, a Working with Children Check is valid for five years and is portable across roles and organisations in South Australia.

For most people, this means they don’t need to do anything to be ready for the new law which came into operation on 1 July 2019. 

It is important to realise that it is an offence to work or volunteer in a child related role without a valid clearance. The offence carries fines of up to $20,000 and/or a prison sentence.

Frequently Asked Questions

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*If you or someone you know is not familiar with using the internet or uncomfortable with using it, your first action should be to seek support from your own parish.