Frequently Asked Questions

Q         How do I lodge a report? 

A          The Secretary of Synod has issued requests for reports to all relevant persons.  Reports and accounts are due by 12 August. Please email to Secretary of Synod via

Q          How do I seek leave from the Archbishop to not attend all or part of Synod 2022?

A          According to section 15A(6) of the Election of Members of the Synod Ordinance 1985 a Parish Priest or lay member of synod may inform the Bishop of their inability to attend.  Please do so by emailing  The Bishop will then summons the first alternate lay member to attend.  If you find yourself unable to attend at the last minuteplease advise the Bishop, however be aware that there will not be any lay alternate members summonsed within three days of Synod.

Q          How do I get a motion onto the notice paper? 

A          Any member of Synod is entitled to put motions to Synod for inclusion on the Notice Paper (see section 4 and section 6 of the Standing Orders Ordinance 1980)  Proposed motions, including the name of the seconder can be submitted in writing to the Secretary of Synod via by 5:00pm Friday 12 August 2022

Q          How do I submit a question to Synod?

A          Any member of Synod can submit a question to Synod for inclusion on the Notice Paper (see section 4 and section 6 of the Standing Orders Ordinance 1980) Questions can be submitted to the Secretary of Synod via by Friday 12 August 

Q. This Synod is an Election Synod. How do I know which committee positions are vacant and how do I nominate for these positions?

A. A list of the positions up for election, along with any specific requirements, and required forms for nomination may be found here

Nominations close 5pm Monday 26 September 2022. Not all positions require a nominee to be a Member of Synod. Many positions are open to communicant members of the Anglican Church. If you are a non-Synod member nominating for a position, you will need to complete a declaration which you can find here

Q          Where is Synod this year?

A          The Synod Eucharist is at 7.00pm on Friday 14 October at St Peter’s Cathedral, King William Road, Adelaide, then the business sessions of Synod will be held from 9.00am on Saturday 15 October (Registration opens at 8:30am) and from 1.00pm on Sunday 17 October (Registrations from 12:30pm) at St Peter’s College Hackney Road College Park. You can download a map here.

Q          Is there parking on site?

A          Yes enter via the Hackney Road Gates. This is the main car park with 110 spaces. Limited further parking spaces are available via other entrances.

Q         Will Synod be catered?

A          Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea will be provided on Saturday. Afternoon Tea will be provided on Sunday, if required. Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea will be served in compliance with State COVID-19 directions.

Gluten Free and Vegetarian options will be available for lunch and for the morning/afternoon tea on the day, and do not need to be pre-ordered. Please advise us on if you have any specific dietary requirements.

NB While attending Synod, if you have any questions about the site, please speak to the staff at the Registration Desk in Memorial Hall